Sex Therapy in Marietta, GA

Are you and your spouse or partner struggling to connect sexually? Sexual problems can be a major strain in a relationship and affect not only your physical intimacy but also your emotional intimacy with your loved one.

If you are dissatisfied with your sex life, you're not alone. According to a survey by Durex, half of the couples surveyed were dissatisfied with their bedroom escapades. And about two-thirds of participants felt that they didn't have sex often enough.

If you want to bring the spark back into the bedroom, take a look at how our sex therapy  in Marietta, GA, can help.

When to See a Sex Therapist

If you're considering making an appointment with Bonnie Hartley-Selvey, LCSW, then you already know that there are issues in your relationship that need work.

But making that first call can be hard. Many people are embarrassed to admit to someone else that their marriage isn't perfect. Sexual problems aren't easy to talk about, but you won't be able to resolve these problems until you can face them and talk openly about them.

The first thing you should realize is that every couple has difficulties in bed at some point. Bonnie regularly provides sex therapy to individuals and couples facing the following challenges:

  • Mismatched libidos
  • Inability to climax
  • Performance issues
  • Insecurities about appearance
  • Postpartum changes
  • Emotional detachment
  • Low sex or no sex
  • Incompatible sexual interests

The good news is none of these problems are beyond repair. Through regular sex therapy, Bonnie has helped many couples resurrect a dead bedroom and enjoy passionate and fulfilling sex again.

How a Sex Therapist Can Help

The reality of a healthy sex life is that it doesn't come easily. Like everything else in a relationship, it takes work - a lot of work. Bonnie can make that work much more manageable by providing you and your partner with a safe place to talk about your problems.

Make an appointment for sex therapy at our practice in Marietta, GA, today. Call 770-973-3044.

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