Bonnie offers help for issues in your relationship.

Are There Issues In Your Relationship?

  • Obsessively thinking about divorce
  • Contact between partners diminishes, and 
    communication and time spent together become less 
    and less
  • Are you attacking, provoking, blaming, being overly critical
    of your partner?
  • One or both partners seem to be distant, distracted, or 
    miles away in their thoughts
  • Is Your Sex Life Different, Diminishing, or Non-Existent?

Bonnie Can Help!

Do you feel Anxious, Depressed or find yourself Grieving?

If so, you may experience:

  • Disturbances in Your Sleeping and Eating Patterns
  • Withdrawn and Detached - Showing No Interest
  • Irritability - Bursts of Anger
  • Tiredness - Lack of Energy
  • Heaviness in The Chest or Throat
  • Hyperventilating
  • The Feeling That Nothing is Real
Let Bonnie know how she can help.

Some of the Symptoms of Mid-Life Crisis:

  • Fears of Aging
  • Anxious, Worried
  • Narrowing of Interest
  • Fatigue, Depression
  • Impulsive Responses
  • Closed, Withdrawn
  • Rebellion Against Other People's Agenda