Couples Therapy Available in Marietta, GA

A couple that needs couples therapy in Marietta, GA

I want to listen about the difficulties that you are facing

We will talk about what each one needs to understand for changes to be applied

Let’s talk about how to make a change

Areas of concern:

  • Affair recovery and Jealousy
  • Dealing with Narcissism
  • Leave, Break up, Divorce
  • Hurt and Lonely Feeling
  • Love and Respect
  • Angry and Verbal Abuse

Sometimes we avoid things that make us uncomfortable but that doesn’t make the problem go away. Help is right around the corner. We can’t fix what we do not face.

Are you tired of having the same argument? Do you ever feel disconnected from your spouse? Do you miss the intimacy that you once had with your partner?

Counseling helps many people, even successful people, to live more productive and happier lives.

Some relationships are in a dark place and many seem beyond repair, but you can find healing in your relationship.

If your relationship is in a place of hurt or pain, you are not alone. In fact, today there are many relationships are in trouble and they don't address it.

It doesn't have to be this way. You are not a statistic. Marital problems can be solved over time and with much less pain through couples’ therapy.

Although the skills necessary for success are achievable for many couples, only a few learn to enjoy truly loving relationships despite their differences. Research shows that these couples use their differences as an opportunity to build acceptance, intimacy, and deeper love. Through couples’ therapy, you and your partner can learn the skills to create one of these relatively rare, truly intimate relationships.

I have been providing couples therapy many years. I work with couples in which partners feel distant and disconnected as well as couples that frequently repeat the same heated arguments. I work with couples that have been affected by one partner's depression or substance abuse, and I have worked with many relationships that have been impacted by affairs and various forms of sexual addiction.

Bonnie Hartley-Selvey, LCSW


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